Let’s Talk Curls

Let’s Talk Curls

I am surrounded by friends and sisters with the most gorgeous, luscious curls that spring from their heads in little ringlets. And then there’s me. Wavy hair at best, and frizzy a good deal more of the time. Part of this is my own fault, because I cannot stand a routine that requires me to spend many dollars and hours in the bathroom coaxing my hair to do exactly what I want. I call it low-maintenance because it sound better, but in reality, I’m just lazy. Moisturizing my skin so I don’t turn into a prune at 45? Ugh, so much work. Wearing concealer whenever I have acne, which is like 75% of the time? Ugh, who has time for that? I even wore makeup for a month straight as an experiment once, and concluded that while I lovelovelove dressing up to the nines for special or invented occasions, anything that regularly requires a lot of additional work besides the normal wash/shampoo/condition cycle just isn’t going to cut it for me. Besides, I like hair that I can touch and tousle without worrying about ruining it, and I like to wash it as little as I can, ostensibly because it’s healthier for your hair (there are studies!), but realistically because, well, I’m lazy.

I also have a beef against curly hair companies because in my experience, they charge an arm and a leg and your grandmother’s inheritance for haircuts and products that take way too much time to use, and it’s an outrageous rip off. And if you buy a cheaper product, in my experience your hair ends up weighed down and greasy. Come on curly girls, let’s revolt!

Into this scene let me introduce a new product. LUS. I kept seeing their ads pop up and their all-in-one product looked so easy to use, it had even me intrigued. I took the bait and clicked, and to my surprise, their products weren’t terribly expensive either. Sure, I’m more of the 5 dollar shampoo kind of girl than the 18 dollar kind, but compared to the 40+ dollar options I had been seeing elsewhere, I didn’t think it too shabby of a deal. Still the skeptic though, I contacted Lus and asked if they’d want to send me some products in exchange for a review. They responded promptly and cheerfully, and not too long later, a cute little box showed up on my doorstep with not only the all-in-one product I had asked to try, but also little bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

As recommended, I started with an apple cider vinegar rinse to strip my hair of everything bad that’s probably been building up in there, and then washed and conditioned it with LUS products. After the shower with my hair still dripping wet, I tried the finger curling method I saw on one of their videos, and then dutifully tried not to touch it till dry as instructed. I could have used a diffuser to dry it, but 1. I don’t have one, and 2. I don’t ever want to be one of those girls that requires three suitcases for every three-day trip, so I don’t plan to get one. Nevertheless, a year or two later my hair eventually dried, leaving me with the loveliest curls. But let me just show you…

First, my very unremarkable, very unwashed, very dry winter hair, prior to the product. It does get curlier than this in the summer or when it’s freshly washed, but it doesn’t hold the curl very well.

Post Lus, a little wild, definitely curly and shiny, and looking a lot healthier. Let me show you side by side…

What do you think? Personally, I loved the outcome, even if I didn’t quite know what to do with such curls. However, I didn’t really like the finger twisting method because I felt like my hair curled a little strangely, and also, it took way too much time. Did I mention yet that I hate spending too much time on my hair? 😀 So the next time I washed it I simply applied the product with praying hands onto my dripping wet hair, then scrunched and scrunched and scrunched until it had the texture I wanted. Then I stuck some clips in the back and sides to add volume and left it to dry in its own sweet time. The result…

Slightly tamer but still very much curly, with a lot less work. I scrunched it again to get rid of any crunch, and the curl held. I was sold. I intend to keep experimenting, but I have to say, I may have to give up my long held prejudices against curly products if I get results like this.

So here’s my takeaway from my (still short) experience with LUS:

  • It’s affordable. It’s not as cheap as washing your hair with drug store shampoo, but I have also heard good reviews from people who only use the all-in-one product, and their own cheaper shampoo and normal conditioner, so it’s not too bad.
  • A little goes a long way. The product I received was for wavy hair so I cannot speak for all the others, but it’s fairly runny, and it only required a little dollop per large section of hair to get this kind of curls.
  • I’m not crazy about the scent, but it’s not unpleasant by any means. It reminds me vaguely of baby powder. It’s not strong though, and a lot of people love it.
  • It’s not high-maintenance, the bane of my existence. With a little practice, I think I can apply it in five minutes after my shower if I use the scrunching method.
  • They have good customer service! Having worked plenty of years in customer service myself, I notice these things. They were prompt and generous when I reached out, and they have a ton of helpful videos on their site if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Also, they’re not patronizing, but instead, emphasize that everyone’s hair is unique and you need to find what works for you. I love that.
  • I absolutely cannot get curly bangs to work with my lazy curls. They did weird-sticky-outy things when I tried using the product and curling them. The second time, I skipped using it on my bangs and was much happier with them in their natural state.
  • Last, you don’t have to wash your hair every day for this to work. I am on day three now, and it was getting flat and frizzy so I decided to try their refresh method. I just put a little bit in a spray bottle with water, shook it, and sprayed it all over my head, scrunching as I went. Voila, I have curls again. See?

Not quite as defined as straight out of the shower, but definitely makes me happy for day three hair.

So there you have it. Will I continue using LUS in the future? You betcha. Now if it could just magically turn my curls into the gorgeous red my sister-in-law has, I’ll be all set. 🙂


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