Writing about food and pet peeves and adventures is my favorite.

Also, exploring the nooks and crannies of NYC, singing with my very favorite choir, and rocking very high heels in spite of looking like a giraffe when I do.

Coffee, coffee is my lifeline, and it’s even better when shared with a few friends, and some chocolate chip cookies. As my wise brother once said, “Other cookies only exist so chocolate chip cookies can get their turn again.”

I’m crazy about my eighteen nieces and nephews, and regularly remind them that I’m their favorite tia, just in case they’re in danger of forgetting.

The best kind of evening is spent discovering a brand new neighborhood I didn’t know existed, and floating down the streets which turn to a dream in the street lights, as the grime and stress of the day disappears under the magic of the music of the night.

I’m also very good at opening pickle jars, which is an odd skill, but a very useful one, given my great love for pickles.

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