Month of Makeup, An Experiment

Month of Makeup, An Experiment

I am not a high maintenance girl. In fact, you could say I veer in the opposite direction. Getting ready for work usually takes me fifteen minutes, max. If you know me and you’re the kind of person who does take time to pretty up regularly, then you’re probably thinking of my blemished face and frizzy hair and secretly nodding to yourself, “You know that’s right!” It’s not that I don’t like glamming up, it’s just that, to quote the honorable Bertram, “I would but it’s so far.”

So, since I’m usually up for trying something new, I decided to spend the month of March wearing some kind of makeup every single day as a sort of experiment. “How does it feel to be a normal girl?” This was my take on it.


Day 1: A little concealer, a swipe of eyeliner and mascara, and a touch of lipstick. This is kinda fun. I feel more prepared for the day.

Day 2: Well, I have a massive cold sore, so I guess I need some anyhow. Alrighty then.

Day 3: Makeup for painting a house? Well, I guess you could safely say this is not like me.

Day 4: Visiting a strange church today. I would definitely have worn makeup anyhow.

Day 5: Discovering things hidden in my stash that I forgot about. Tossing old makeup. This is good! 🙂

Day 6: So tired. Just a swipe of mascara today and I don’t even feel like wearing that.

Day 7: The bags under my eyes could hold a small child apiece, but do I have concealer for them? No I do not. Also, I’m wondering how long you can leave mascara on before all your eyelashes give up the fight and fall off your face.

Day 8: Bet I’ve never put lip gloss on so early in the morning before. Nasty sticky stuff. Whyyyyy.

Day 9: Again, it seems weird to make up my face for a day of packing and cleaning. But then I find I’m meeting a bunch of new and intimidating people tonight, so that worked out well for me.

Day 10: Wedding today! Za za zing. This is the fun part. Since I don’t know how to do things halfway, let me just wear a skirt with a train for the outdoor reception to complete my glam look. 

Day 11: Youth Conference starts tomorrow, so there are so many strangers at church today. So exhausted from the weekend and time change. Lemme just hide behind this coat of paint.

Day 12: Ugh.

Day 13: Ugh

Day 14: Curled my hairs, put on a pretty dress, feel like I match my makeup.

Day 15: Meh. Mostly because I’m too tired to care. The week of Youth Conference is taking its toll.

Day 16: Indifferent

Day 17: Had a formal banquet tonight, so I jazzed myself all up. Makeup and a dress that I can’t breathe in and heels that make blisters and all that. Then I waltzed in it. It was glorious.

Day 18: Yeah, I really need some under eye concealer, I say with a yawn.

Day 19: Just a dash of concealer because ohmygoodness I am so exhausted and ohmygoodness I slept in so late I didn’t have time for anything else. But I made it to work on time so there’s that.

Day 20: My brain says, “This is an experiment, Rachel. Take time to do it right for crying out loud.” The rest of me says, “Why on earth do girls do this every day?” Also I did henna tonight in my hair, does that count for this experiment?

Day 21: If someone could tell me about a coverup that actually works on a teenage-looking face, that’d be great, thanks. Sigh.

Day 22: Getting bored with the usual foundation and mascara, so I’m trying new and sparkly things today. Seeing my glittery face in the mirror shows me I should probably leave well enough alone. (P.S. I secretly kinda like it though.)

Day 23: Oops, I’m on a glitter roll (while hoping nobody notices.)

Day 24: Burt’s Bees products are da bomb. Especially loving the barely noticeable lip stuff that’s not drying.

Day 25: I usually wear a dash of makeup on Sundays anyhow, so those at least have felt normal to me this month. Gotta “make my face happy for Jesus!”

Day 26: Five more days. I can do this for five more days. Can I count chapstick as makeup please?

Day 27: Ugh

Day 28: Whyyyy do people do this every single day? What kind of people are they?

Day 29: Tried a winged eyeliner today to go with my red polka dots and heels. Ha. Ha. Ha. Yeah, that didn’t go so well. I’m gonna have to leave the fancy stuff to the people who actually can.

Day 30: My new blue dress is so pretty that I don’t even mind wearing makeup to accompany it. Also, I got up ten minutes before I had to leave for work and still managed to slap some on, “So I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.”

Day 31: Red and white polka dots and wedge sandals to accompany my makeup for this springy day. Trying to go out with a bang and all that,  but mostly I’m thinking, “Thank goodness this is the last day!”

Winged eyeliner which I did not do myself, for a 50’s party.

So what was my takeaway- is it worth wearing makeup every single day? Goodness gracious no! I was so happy with my bare face on Easter Sunday, and while I will continue loving to dress up for special (or non-special) occasions, there’s no way I’ll make this part of my daily life. Unless, of course, I get a job in a Manhattan high rise to accompany it or something.

You know what’s the best part of a bare face (besides the extra time you have)? Getting to rub your eyes vigorously and at will or crying if you feel like it, without worrying about smudging anything. It’s the bomb diggity.

Do you wear makeup every day? If so, tell me why.


Featured photo courtesy of Caleb Wurtz, on the evening of day 17.

13 thoughts on “Month of Makeup, An Experiment

  1. Just reading this makes me tired. I don’t know how other people do it either. But putting make up on for special occasions definitely makes the occasion feel more special!
    Also, i don’t think lip glass counts as make up… i classify them with chapstick.

    1. Yes, I agree it really spices up a special occasion! And you’re probably right about the lip gloss. I usually tried to wear more than just that for the experiment’s sake. But man, it was such a pain.

  2. I love wearing makeup, but most times I love my sleep more.
    BB creams are one of my favorites! So easy to use, but still evens out skin tones beautifully. Also, please elaborate on the Burt’s Bees lip stuff you use. I’m totally interested.

    1. I have a lipstick from them, a lip gloss, and a colored chapstick. I like them all a lot, but the colored chapstick is my favorite because it’s so easy to apply and it’s moisturizing. And their regular chapstick is my go-to for all the time. Tell me more about their creams?

      1. I have a tinted lip shimmer from Burt’s Bees. It’s very subtle, but it makes me feel prettier when I wear it.

  3. I use brow filler and occasionally a light eyeshadow instead of eye liner since it feels more natural. My face could benefit greatly from curling my eyelashes and proper eye makeup but most of the time I just don’t care enough to learn how to do it and to put that much time into it. Kind of falls into the same category as painting my nails.

  4. Well, I am over my teens for sure and I found this quite interesting to read. 😀 I didn’t grow up wearing make up and my secret wish would be someone giving me a natural looking make over and then showing me how to create it myself (for those, um, times when a little something more is in order…) 🙂

  5. I wear eyeliner and fill in my brows every day. The liner because I look like something the cat dragged in without it and the brow filler because while I was blessed with the rumblings of a unibrow, it’s a rather patchy and thin one.

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