Day 23: The Little Things

Day 23: The Little Things

As I’m sure you know, in the quest for living a grateful life, it’s important to not focus all our attention on the big things. I think the quiet little moments of domestic satisfaction are the oil that keeps my crazy life running smoothly. Something as simple as a perfectly cooked egg can be such a pleasure, you know? So today, I wanted to take a look at my favorite little things that are just so nice.

The feeling of crawling into a freshly laundered bed.

Catching the microwave just before the obnoxious beeping starts.

Taking off my tights or leggings after a long day.

Finding a favorite childhood toy at the parents’ house, and the rush of memories associated with it.

The thrill of a perfectly executed dance where I didn’t step on anyone’s toes, including my own. Even better if a twirly skirt is involved.

Waking up before my alarm goes off instead of being jarred awake.

Streaks of light across a clean floor. And in the winter when your toes are chilly, standing in the warm square of sunshine on a tile floor.

A tub of perfectly salted, crisp popcorn with brown butter and nutritional yeast.

Grabbing the exact number of envelopes to match the stack of letters I’m stuffing.

Finishing my daily crossword puzzle without any help from Google. (Yes, I’m a nerd.)

When a candle melts down evenly and without waste instead of in mountains and valleys.

Coming across a particularly good-smelling person in a world of insufficient deoderant.

Rivel soup. Mom didn’t make it often because it wasn’t a favorite of my Dad’s, which made it even more special.

Opening my eyes on the morning of a day I’ve been looking forward to, and realizing it is finally today.

4:59 PM on Friday.

Painting by Melissa.

Drop a comment and tell me what you’d add to the list.

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2 thoughts on “Day 23: The Little Things

  1. Such a fun list. I agree with all of the above. Well, I dance to shock my big kids and delight the little ones. And I never had rivel soup.
    But I love smelling a freshly bathed child, and tasting the first sip of coffee, when it is even better than I expected. I love hearing a lone songbird in the bleak of January, singing its winter song. I love feeling textiles, and watching the immense diversity of people when they can’t see me.
    There, I gave you one for each of the five senses. 🙂

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