Day 24: Red Berets

Day 24: Red Berets

Reasons you should wear a red beret:


It makes you look like a grand writer full of noble thoughts and ideas.


It makes everybody want to insert you into their pictures when you’re visiting a tumbling down, picturesque graveyard, because you look like a storybook character.


It means your roommate can always find you, whether in a forest or a shopping mall, which is pretty difficult for her seeing how little and brown you are without it.


It keeps your ears warm when there’s a surprise snowstorm. Also, it makes you look like a postcard.


It makes you adorable even when you’re cavorting down the roads of downtown in childish glee at said surprise snowstorn.


It makes your roommate impossibly jealous that she didn’t think to buy one first.

You want one too?

A year ago: Alyssa Serene


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