Day 22: Countries Quiz

Day 22: Countries Quiz

Question: are you any good at geography?

A friend introduced me to this countries quiz some time ago, and the first time I took it, I did horribly. Embarrassingly, dreadfully awful. Determination set in, and I retook it over and over, dozens of times over the course of weeks, until I finally managed a perfect score, albeit untimed. Who knew I was so woefully ignorant about the countries of the world!

Regardless of my ignorance, I find doing this quiz immensely satisfying, and one of my favorite pastimes. Something about the alphabetical lists and seeing the little countries fill in just ticks all the right boxes for me.

Take it, and tell me how many countries you managed on the first try, then I can either commiserate or feel upset that you’re so much smarter than me. 😀

P.S. While we’re on the topic, just for fun drop a comment and tell me what country you’re simply longing to see. For me, Italy is currently on the top of my list. Sunny streets and breezy dresses and lyrical Italian and gelato on every corner and all the fooooood!…

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10 thoughts on “Day 22: Countries Quiz

  1. 45% I’m frustrated that I didn’t get more because I’m a teacher. But it was fun! And I’m gonna keep doing it until I can get them all. but I’m definitely with you on Italy!!

  2. I enjoyed that! Though I guessed 76/196. Looking at the answers, I wondered how I managed to forget so much I thought I knew.
    On the top of my travel list: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Roatan, Peru, Seychelles Islands, and anywhere, really.

    1. I think that’s not too far from what I got first. 🙂 I haven’t been to most of those places, but I have been to Roatan and it is very worthwhile. Go snorkeling while you’re there.

      1. Oh I most definitely plan to! 😉 I have heard their coral reefs are one of the most beautiful.
        As for my score, maybe that makes you feel a bit better about yourself *places head in hands*
        While I wait to travel the world, I shall enjoy day/weekend adventures around my own little home ground…

  3. Well, I always want to go back to Bulgaria where I left my heart after six months at the mission there. Or maybe Greece, cause I kinda fell in love with Greece on a visa trip.
    Beyond that? Switzerland, Ukraine, Germany, France, Japan, England, Ireland, Thailand, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Tasmania…!

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