Chipotle Pork Tacos, or, a Shortcut to Making Friends

Chipotle Pork Tacos, or, a Shortcut to Making Friends

There are two ways to make friends with someone. You can either go the traditional route of obligatory small talk, which will either lead to deeper conversations and connections, if they’re the right kind of people, or endless talks about football and the weather, if they’re the wrong kind of people. But there’s also an easier way which I prefer, given my feelings about small talk.

Chipotle pork tacos. They are the perfect company meal, because they’re hardly any work, and they’re so good they’ll have your guests’ mouths constantly full, leaving no time for awkward small talk, and instead just leaving them with warm feelings of affection toward you.


First, the pork. I use the Pioneer Woman’s recipe, which you can find here, but it’s so easy you hardly need a recipe.

You cut a large onion into wedges, and spread them around the bottom of your crockpot.

Then you lay a pork butt on top, generously salted and peppered, with the fat side up.

Now the fun part. Crack open a can of chipotle peppers, and scoop on as many as you dare. Last time I did this I made half a pork butt, and used a tad over half of a 7 ounce can of peppers, which I found to be the perfect level of spice for me. On top of this, pour a can of Dr Pepper. Two if you’re making the whole pork butt. I know it sounds weird, but trust me on this.

I simmered it on low in my crockpot for a long overnighter, and it was about perfect. Fish out the pepper skins, and shred the pork and mix it with the onions and plenty of the broth.


Assembly. Pile the pork on a heated corn tortilla, or a fresh homemade one if you’re that kind of awesome person. Top it with a handful of shredded cabbage, and then the best part, the sauce.

I got this recipe from my sister Rosie, although it’s not so much a recipe as a suggestion.

Take a dollop of sour cream, and stir in the sauce from your leftover chipotle peppers until it’s your preferred spiciness. Add a little lemon juice, salt, and some milk to make it a little runnier. Spread it in generous proportions over your taco, and voila, perfection.

You could also make sour cream with cilantro and lime, if you’re feeling green, or eat them with hot sauce and plain sour cream.


Accompany these with an icy cold Coca-Cola in a glass bottle, and some Mariachi music playing in the background, and your meal will be perfect.

2 thoughts on “Chipotle Pork Tacos, or, a Shortcut to Making Friends

  1. One rant off of the Mariachi music in the background… My least favorite thing is when Mexican restaurants play pop music. Seriously? I came here for some Latin flavor, give me some in the music as well. I’m paying for the experience, so give it to me. 😀 😀 😀

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