Weekend roundup: Ten Guides to Make Your Life Easier.

Weekend roundup: Ten Guides to Make Your Life Easier.

Happy Saturday! So, what are you doing with your weekend? I’m going to help my mother attack the painting at the house my parents are remodeling. Also, I’m inordinately excited about the cooler weather predicted, and hope to take advantage of it in a park tomorrow. Picnics float my boat.

Many of you all are new here, so I wanted to say welcome to the party. Drop a comment below telling me how you arrived here, and what you’d like to read in the future; I’d love to hear from you. For now, I’ve put together a handy little list of previous posts for you to peruse as you lounge with your coffee this weekend.

Do you have trouble dealing with small talk? Me too.

Maybe you would like to help out your friend who just broke up but don’t know what to say.

Are you one of those people who is constantly complaining about the weather?

Planning a trip overseas to visit your missionary friends? Here’s how to do it well.

Knowing what to wear can be a trial, but this book has one of my favorite takes on fashion, that beast.

Do your tall friends a favor and figure out how to  give them hugs.

It’s almost August! And next comes September in which the weather starts to feel like fall. Here’s how to decorate.

You can’t decide what to read on your vacation. Stress no longer.

Knowing what to cook for dinner can be a trial. Try this tonight.

Every person has that friend that is impossible to buy for. Here’s what to get for their birthday.

Till next time. Have a fantastic weekend!

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