Five Things to Make You Cringe 

Five Things to Make You Cringe 


Hugs so awkward you end up patting the recipient’s stomach. Not that I have EVER done that. Ahem. *Whistles innocently*

Being the first to write in a group birthday card, and knowing that everyone else is going to read what you wrote.

Public bathroom stall doors, if you’re over five feet tall.

Falling asleep during prayer as an insecure adolescent visiting a new church. Having the local adolescent laughingly point out a wet spot of drool on the pew.

Finding out you’ve been pronouncing a common word wrong for years, and nobody has bothered to correct you.


5 thoughts on “Five Things to Make You Cringe 

    1. Five awkward things and lo, the sixth is like unto them: Writing a comment made up entirely of emoticons [that don’t show up]. But which make you look like an idiot.

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