The Trees That Were, or, I Hope You Step On a Lego

The Trees That Were, or, I Hope You Step On a Lego

A couple years ago, in better days, Mocksville’s center square was graced with four massive, majestic, old trees. They were stately and beautiful, and gave the town a sort of grace unknown to other concrete metropolises. They were filled with lights during the winter, illuminating the square with Christmas magic. In summer they shaded our cars and our town festivals, and brought green relief from the asphalt heat. In short, we loved them.

Then The Person In Charge gave the word that two of these trees must be removed. “Disease” was given as a reason, and so two of the trees, of perfectly healthy appearance, were doomed and chopped to sawdust and bark. The town was distraught, but two of them still remained, so we managed to stay calm.

Then, yesterday morning I woke to the sound of engines and saws and trucks roaring outside my window. By the time I came home from work, only one tree remained. A tragedy! But the worst was still to come. In my mailbox there was an ominous notice, telling all the tenants to have their cars out of the parking lot tomorrow, for work was to be done.

The remaining green giant’s fate was sealed.

This morning again, there was an ominous roar outside my window when I woke. I peered out the blinds to see this tree’s limbs being hacked off and fed through a chipper. The gray sky wept in accordance with my feelings about this event, and I was almost happy to go to work and avoid watching the tree’s demise.

I came home from work tonight to see four empty squares where these trees grew for so many years. Instead of leafy boughs, power lines and pole lights now make up the skyline. Wretched.

I hear they are planning to plant new little trees this year. I hear The Person In Charge has Reasons, like disease and repairing water lines. I’m sure somewhere, there is an explanation, however measly it may appear.

I’m not saying The Person In Charge committed a crime. I’m just saying, I really hope he steps on a lego.

13 thoughts on “The Trees That Were, or, I Hope You Step On a Lego

  1. Let’s go throw some Tolkien at somebody. Maybe we could be like all those delicate maidens in old books that transform society by starting a literary club.

  2. I know they “have their reasons”, but I consider cutting down old trees to be a crime. Around there, they take out gorgeous old tree lines shading the roads to add four more feet to the cornfields.

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