Day 7: Writing

Day 7: Writing

When I was in school, I simply hated the writing assignments I was given. I used to groan about having “Nothing to write about!” and dread the days I had to write poetry and essays.

But somewhere along the road, things changed. Maybe it was after school when I could write about whatever I pleased, or maybe it was when I learned to be a speedy typist, and my fingers could keep up with my thoughts. Whatever the case, somewhere I started writing regularly.

In Honduras, emails were our main source of connection with our friends at home, and I wrote oodles of them. They’re still my favorite form of writing. I also kept journals (cringe-worthy to reread, let me tell you), and five years ago I signed up with WordPress to create my first secret little blog, which has since morphed into this. I often wonder if I’ll run out of creative juices, but so far, they continue to flow.

One of my favorite exercises for writing which you might also enjoy is to set a timer, start with five minutes or so, and just type without stopping until the timer dings. Write whatever comes into your head, in whatever order it appears. It’s a great thing to do daily if you’re wanting to write more easily, because it gets your fingers and brain greased and into practice. Also, it is very entertaining to read over when you rediscover it months later. Just sayin’.

Maybe one of these years I’ll actually get around to calling myself a writer, like if I publish a book or get an actual writing job. But for now the word sticks in my throat a little, so I continue to call myself someone who loves to write. 🙂 It clears my head and gives me a creative outlet which I can’t imagine life without.

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3 thoughts on “Day 7: Writing

  1. I promptly signed up, too, having just now gotten to this point in catching up with your daily writings. I am too busy spewing out my own. 🙂 Like you, I hesitate to call myself a writer. Maybe this 750words thing will be the spur I need to go even seriouser.
    I enjoy your content, always. Glad you share it.

  2. This seems like an appropriate place to put in a plug for

    It’s a site a guy built for his daily brain dump, and made it available for public use. Everything you write is private, and since the inception of the site he’s added all kinds of interesting analysis of your writing. Graphs that show how fast you write, your stops and starts, how many personal pronouns you use, and so on.

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