Day 10: The Blue Castle

Day 10: The Blue Castle

You know how sometimes you come across a book that just warms the cockles of your heart and makes you wish you could crawl inside it and live there? Meet “The Blue Castle” by L.M. Montgomery.

I was introduced to Montgomery a bit late in life, which perhaps makes my delight in her writing just that much greater, since I can appreciate its skill more now than as a kid. And of all my favorites of hers, I believe “The Blue Castle” just might top the list.

It’s the story of a girl named Valency, who did not deserve the name. (Seriously, how are you supposed to pronounce it? It has caused me much grief.) Valency was protected and coddled and sickly and miserable, under the care of her (possibly) well-meaning relatives. She grew to spinsterhood without much happiness, which I suppose is to be expected for someone bearing a name such as that!

One day she was given a terrible diagnosis by a doctor, who told her she didn’t have much time to live. Well, at that news, something snapped in her, and she began to do the most shocking things, such as refuse to answer to her nickname (which she hated even more than Valency), to say exactly what she thought to her ill-bred relatives, and to make friends with the outcast girl nobody else would care for.

Where all her daring takes her I won’t tell you, but it is a refreshing and simply delightful read- the kind that makes you turn the last page and sigh with pleasure. Give it a shot on your next vacation, and see if Valency doesn’t work her way into your heart as well.

It’s for sale here, or you can also click through that link and find the Kindle version for a dollar.

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