I don’t know how he does it. That’s basically what comes to mind when I think of Daniel. Between a full time job, school, raising four children, and serving at church, I’d think his brain cells would be about to explode. But he has put his inborn determination to good use, and is doing really cool things with his life as a result.

 He’s one of my favorite people to make music with, because with just a glance, we can know what the other one is going to do next with the song. He’s brave and kind, smart and musical, athletic and tough. (If you don’t believe the last one, try hiking with him.) He doesn’t give up, even when the hills are steep or sleep is in short supply or beans are the only source of fuel.

Several of the things I admire most about Daniel are his never-ending quest for truth, his love for Jesus and consequently for those around him, and his nose.


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