Melissa and I were friends long before she became part of our family, although not so long before she wished to be part of our family. 🙂 I remember pouring out my little eleven-year-old troubles to her, and she kindly listened and gave me advice and love and never made me feel small or too young, despite the fact that I was a mere infant in comparison to her nineteen-year-old self. Later, when we both lived in Honduras, she spent hours with me, poring over cookbooks and drooling at all the recipes we didn’t have ingredients to make. She even put up with my beloved pet bird, who for some reason had a special hatred for her toes. 

She’s weathered a lot of storms in life already, and it has deepened her compassion for hurting people, and made her even more beautiful. She cares well for her family, bravely solo parenting when Daniel’s school calls him away. She is an artist, and her lovely soul shines through her words and paintings, and is evidenced in her restful home.

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