A Guide for the Average Mennonite Who Wishes to be Less Average

A Guide for the Average Mennonite Who Wishes to be Less Average

Jobs to have besides working in the minibarn industry:

Be a florist.

Try interior design.

Do mosaic tiling in kitchens.

Be a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Be a janitor for the cardiothoracic surgeon.

Drive a school bus.

Design hair bows to sell on Etsy.

Write guidebooks for obscure places nobody has thought to review, such as the tiny little town of Mocksville, NC.

Be a chef. Become world famous for your taco-making skills.

Topics of conversation to discuss besides minibarns and volleyball:

A Grief Observed by C. S. Lewis. If you haven’t read it, read it and then discuss it with me, pretty please.

The purpose of marriage.

Short term missions- does the good outweigh the bad or not?

The merits and downsides to required professional dress.


Manipulation versus tact in conversation, and where the line lies.

The greatest weaknesses and strengths of our plain background.



Sports to play besides volleyball and ultimate frisbee:

Soccer (oh yeah!)




Tap dancing


Extreme ironing. It’s a thing.

Taco eating competitions. (It should be a thing.)

Foods to eat besides mashed potatoes and coleslaw and jello salad.

Korean barbecue which is a sensory delight.

Macarons in every flavor possible. If they come directly from Paris, even better.

Dumplings from the food court in the Flushing mall, NYC. Or even better, the insanely good dumplings my sister-in-law makes. Only, it takes special privileges to acquire those.

Currywurst because it is the ultimate comfort food and also, it matches the German heritage you probably have as a Mennonite.

Jalapeno cranberry relish over cream cheese with crackers.

Uh, tacos of course.


Places to vacation besides Pinecraft, Florida:

Literally, anywhere.

Have you thought about visiting a Louisiana bayou and trying Cajun food?

Stay on a rocky shore in New England and fall asleep to the waves crashing on the shore.

How about a stay in the middle of San Diego, eating only tacos the whole while?

Feeling more adventurous? Try the Patagonia. (Seriously, google pictures.)

Go ziplining over the Copper Canyon.

Make friends with an elephant in South Africa.

Handsful. Handfuls? Hands full? I’m afraid I’ll never be un-confused by this.

So there ya go. If you do all these suggestions, I can assure you, “Average” will never again describe you.


A Year Ago:

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Two Years Ago:

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7 thoughts on “A Guide for the Average Mennonite Who Wishes to be Less Average

  1. I feel a little deflated. I’ve been pretty smug about the fact that we have nothing to do with mini barns, but I just now realized 95% of our monthly support is from people who work in the mini barn industry. Great day!

  2. Rachel, do you have an addiction?

    Also, I looked at the last picture and was already running “handsful”, “handfuls” and “hands full” through my mind when I gave up and read on and . . .

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