Mimi was brave to enter our big and loud family, coming from her own small family of a very different culture. She has put up with us and our quirks exceedingly well, so well that our family would now feel quite incomplete without her. We love how her kitchen skills have expanded our culinary tastes. Ten-year-old me never dreamed I’d have such a fondness for steamed greens and fried tofu someday.  Dinner visits to her house are a treat, and we always look forward to peppery vinegar potatoes on Thanksgiving Day now, unlike the traditional American family. 🙂

Mimi is smart and determined and classy. She brings fresh perspective to my sometimes-narrow world, encourages me in my athletic endeavors, is adept at applying her doctoring skills where stitches are needed (just ask Philip), and she’s made us a nephew who’s just as cute as can be.

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