Day 11: Snow Days in the South

Day 11: Snow Days in the South

People love to make fun of how southerners respond to snow. I mean, even I like to make fun of the way they wipe out the bread and milk selections at the first flake. But there is one thing that people forget to take into account, and that is…

Photo by Micah

…Southerners know how to enjoy snow. When it snows in the north, the people bundle up and grimly go on about their lives, just waiting for the snow to go away.

But when the south receives snow, life comes to a grinding halt. Schools shut down, businesses close, and church services are cancelled. People cozy up in their own homes with hot drinks and layers of woolen clothing, and the adventurous ones go out and play. And oh, the fun we can have with a mere inch or two of snow!

You’ve never seen such meager little snowmen and snow angels, but we don’t care. There are snowy walks and donut making parties, cavorting about the icy roads in trucks and sledding on makeshift pieces of tin, and let’s not forget the flood of pictures on every single person’s social media.


But that’s the beauty of it; for a day or two we can forget the political drama online and daily grind of our own existences, and frolic in childlike glee over the gift of snow.

Photo by Merle

And that’s why I say that when it comes down to it, southerners actually know exactly how to respond to snow.


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