Day 12: How to Celebrate Everything

Day 12: How to Celebrate Everything

I first encountered Jenny through her blog, Dinner, a Love Story, and I was drawn in by the color and humor and her lovely writing style. Imagine my delight then, when I opened a present from Lyn and found her book inside.


How to Celebrate Everything is just what the title implies, a guide to all the popular holidays, as well as many other occasions that deserve celebrating just because. For instance, check out her “Yay, It’s Wednesday Cake!” and see if that isn’t the sweetest tradition ever. (Literally.)

It’s so much more than a cookbook, although it has plenty of recipes sprinkled throughout. It is also full of stories of her family, and the pictures are colorful and beautiful. I’ve loved reading cookbooks for years, but this one takes it to a new level.

You can find it here,  and thanks to Amazon’s read inside feature, you can see for yourself just how pretty it is. It’s the perfect gift for your homemaker friend, or for your friend who works full time but likes to read about homemaking, or for yourself if you like to buy your own birthday presents.

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