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Raphael was on a Bible project team, many moons ago, and stayed at our house in Erandique on and off for several months. He would sit in the kitchen and discuss things with us, and my conversation-starved family quickly grew to love him. When we returned to the States, we became even better friends, since he and Micah hung out a lot and since he lived an hour away he spent a lot of nights at our house. So we were pretty glad when Rosie managed to snag him and keep him permanently in our family.

More than any other friend I’ve had, Raphael has gotten me out of my thought ruts and stretched my mind, which has been terribly good for me. He is good at asking thoughtful questions and drawing people out, he pursues truth instead of being content with a trite answer, and his artistic skills are varied and top-notch. In fact, he’s one of those people who tends to be good at pretty much everything he tries.

Also, he makes a killer latte, which means you should be his friend too.

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