Christmas With BT

Christmas With BT

Hello friends,

Here’s the thing- a month ago or so I got to set foot in my beloved Brooklyn Tabernacle for the first time since March, as I’ve told you, oh, a dozen times or so.

We went in little groups and recorded a choir song for the opening number of the virtual Christmas concert BT is putting on. I got to see a preview of the song this week, and guys, I was so impressed! I was expecting the standard little boxes of faces one usually has for a virtual choir song, but that’s not what it’ll be…

This is obviously not a reflection on me- my little face only appears in the background once or twice- but man, I get to work with such a talented group of people! Anthony Evans and Taranda Greene are joining and are amazing, as usual, and my roommate did a violin solo of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” which is straight up fire.

I’m saying all this to tell you, tonight this will finally be available to see, and every night until Christmas Day. Maybe you’ve wished to come to a BT concert- here’s your (kind of) chance.

Click Christmas With BT to see it, or it’ll also be on YouTube. Wanna join me?

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