Roaming About The Earth

Roaming About The Earth

Hello all,

As the title may have informed you already, I am currently throwing my responsibilities aside and exploring new parts of the earth.

We had a family reunion in Montana and I managed to twist Philip’s arm and convince him to take me to Banff, Kootenay, and Jasper National Parks just north of us afterward.

They are unbelievable.

I plan to tell you all about it shortly, but wanted to let you know why there isn’t a regular post today. I left my computer at home (see: throwing responsibilities to the wind) and my thumbs don’t have the typing fortitude for a long post.

But meanwhile, here are a few shots to make you as green as the marvelous lakes we visited. You’re welcome. Also, if you never hear from me again, it’s because I’ve felled some logs, built a cabin, learned how to fight off bears, and settled in the prettiest countryside I’ve ever seen.

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