Currently Listening To…

Currently Listening To…

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you realize you are thoroughly tired of all your music. It all begins to sound the same, and you just need something new to get you out of your ten-favorite-songs rut.

If this describes you, let me show you what I’ve been listening to lately. Maybe one of these will strike your fancy and become your new favorite. And maybe you should comment below and let me know your favorites to jog me out of my own rut.

Another Day of Sun from the La La Land soundtrack. I’m not a struggling artist or anything, but the peppy music just feels like the epitome of happy summer to me.

Courage and Kindness by Patrick Doyle from the Cinderella soundtrack is one I very recently discovered and quite love. It sounds like the song Saks’ Fifth Avenue played for their impressive Christmas display last year (although it isn’t the same one), and conjures all kinds of wonderful and magical feelings. It’s best listened to at a high volume with surround sound, while watching snow falling or lights sparkling or a thunderstorm approaching.

Never Enough from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Why yes, I do like listening to soundtracks, why do you ask? This song captures a longing that I just love. It feels to me like big, unattainable dreams, and like reaching into the future. My friend tells me she thinks it’s just too sad, but I love the emotions it evokes.

Cara a Cara has been one of my favorite Spanish songs for many years. It’s such a hopeful song about Heaven, and it doesn’t hurt that Marcos Vidal has a lovely Castilian accent too.

Hang On Little Tomato came up on a playlist I followed, and how can you not like a song with a title like that? It sounds like sitting in a French cafe, sipping espresso and eating a croissant as you watch the world go by. The lyrics are an encouraging little pep talk, to boot.

Come Alive (Dry Bones) is one you’re probably all listening to already. But in case you’re not- start. Lauren Daigle nails it time after time, and this song is one of her best, I think.

This Is How It Feels To Be Free is one of The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s cream of the crop, in my opinion. Side effects may include belting along at your top volume, dancing with joy, shower karaoke, and/or moving to Brooklyn to be closer to the choir.

The Puppy Song is so dorky, and so much fun to belt along to in the car. I’m just glad you can’t hear Lyn’s and my rendition of it. “We would stay away from crowds, and signs that said, ‘No Friends Allowed’…”

French Cafe Lounge has been my go-to playlist for months now. I didn’t create the playlist and can’t vouch for every single song on it, but I love it for background listening at my office. It’s happy and low-key, perfect easy listening, and it’s actually where I found the Little Tomato song.

So tell me, what’s your jam?

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