End of Spring Giveaway

End of Spring Giveaway

Update: The lucky winner is Naomi. Congratulations! Thank you all so much for your entries.

Hello pineapple comrades.

This is a giveaway! But you already knew that.

This is ostensibly to celebrate the summer solstice happening tomorrow, but mostly it’s to celebrate that you’ve stuck with me and read my ramblings and cheered me on this far.

The winner will receive the book pictured above- a gift from my personal library. It’s a compilation from one of my favorite authors, C. S. Lewis, and it contains four of his theological works in one.

If you want to enter the giveaway, all you have to do is bring me coffee at my office, tag twenty-five friends on Facebook, join a Plexus page, post daily Snapchat stories for a month, and buy a lifetime subscription to The Budget.

Just kidding!

What you actually have to do is comment below, telling me what kind of post you like to read when you’re browsing blogs for entertainment. Or if you never browse blogs for entertainment, comment telling me why not (and what you’re doing here in that case).

The giveaway will be open for one week, then the winner is to be announced next Tuesday. Stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “End of Spring Giveaway

  1. Just squeezing in a comment quickly, because I love CS Lewis. I don’t read many blogs on a regular basis, but if I do subscribe to them it’s because they amuse me or make me think beyond my little world. And I leave comments when they do, because, well, you know. ☺☺

  2. It feels like I should win that book, even though much of C S Lewis is above my range. I read your blog because it’s yours. And you are my favorite daughter who blogs. My reason is really unique.

  3. I don’t browse blogs very often but I find stories and recipe posts capture my attention most often.
    Your humor also gives me great merriment and I probably read your blog specifically because I enjoy your style of humorous writing.

  4. I love reading tech blogs, but I actually end up reading more stuff about culture, Christianity, and worldview analysis because they’re things I actually care more about. Anything with a non-cynical, logically thinking author has the potential to be great!

  5. I must say that style blogs are my favorite, as shallow as that sounds.
    Besides that, I mostly just stalk people I know. I like magazines. Paper publications.

  6. I love this! =) One of the main reasons I like your blog is because, well, first of all it’s like you: charming. And then there’s humor. If a blog can bring more laughter into my life then I’m signing up by all means! And of course talking over coffee or popcorn — I mean food — about the deep things of life, such as identity and why we work the jobs we do is another reason I like to have certain people in my life. I just like your blog a lot. =)

  7. When I browse blogs it is usually because I am either stressed out and tired (and therefore incapable of making good time management choices) or because I want to read something thought-provoking. In the former case, I like light, easily digested writing. In the latter, I choose articles that are weighty and intellectually stimulating.

  8. I only like blog giveaways where the blogger AT LEAST provides links for all the required sign ups. I mean, c’mon. I don’t know how to do the Budget thing…

  9. What I like about your blog is that it is real, unique, the stories are interesting and funny. But best of all, I get to read my childhood best friends thoughts.
    I like hearing your opinions, how you come to life’s conclusions, stories from lifes adventures, descriptions of each of your family members & what makes them who they are.
    This blog is fun. I like it & it’s so you!

  10. 1. Cultural analysis from Christian viewpoints. E.g. Relevant Magazine, World Magazine, TGC, Intellectual Takeout.
    2. Style blogs. E.g. Pinterest.
    3. Life hacks. E.g. Art of manliness, TED talks.

  11. I love blog posts that tell stories. Ones that make me laugh. That hold my attention. That inspire something deep inside of me. And yours do that.☺️

  12. I like your blog for the same reason I like ALL my pineapples: it’s fresh and sweet, with a surprisingly kicky zing.

  13. I like to read blogs that inspire me, cause me to question the way I do or think about things, and that bring a new perspective to my fairly mundane life. Anything that grows my faith, or broadens my world, is of interest to me. I hope this counts as an entry because I would love to have that book!

  14. Your blog is one of my favorites! I love when I am reading it that it feels like real, down to earth person that is behind it! I am not an intellectual person so I would say anything that the common folks can relate to! Haha

  15. I like reading food blogs (without an overload of pictures) and funny mom blogs. And striped pineapple of course.

  16. That list compels me to comment, despite the giveaway. I wish I could think brilliant stuff like that. (And thank you for not making us follow 27 of your friends to qualify. My pettest IG peeve.)
    I don’t know if I browse blogs for entertainment, but if I do, yours comes close. I like blogs written by real people that I know personally, and I like blogs that are honest and personal on a variety of subjects, the ones that keep me thinking long after the words stop. I stay away from the popular ones which pump out the obligatory four posts a week, and the ones who assume to judge all that is wrong with the world.

  17. I like to read deep philosophical stuff, laugh at snark, read things that are restful, or browse style and lifestyle blogs. Also, I’m with Ro, that list was gold. 😀

  18. I barely read C.S. Lewis, but one must comment on a giveaway anyways. 🙂
    I appreciate a mixture of humor, deep thoughts, reviews on books or towns or restaurants, tips on adulting, etc.

  19. Baha!! Consider this a non-entry, but this is the hardest I’ve laughed at a blog post in a very long time! That list…. I mean, what is Snap Chat even?!

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