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My mother is one of those rare creatures that has never cared to fit into the mold around her, and she’s impacted a lot of people because of it. There are many good things I could say about her, but one of the things I admire most is her love of learning. Coming from a decidedly unmusical culture, she taught herself to read music, and has passed on the love of music of to all her children. She loves books better than french fries (can you guess I’m her daughter?), and her writing is witty and fresh and inspiring. She was crafty long before Pinterest, filling our house and others’ with lovely quilts and other creations, and her greenest of thumbs is probably the reason all her children grew so tall and healthy with our diets crammed full of vegetables.

Life hasn’t been easy for her, yet she lives with joy and courage and adventure. She knows life isn’t fair, and doesn’t waste time whining about it. Her spirit is indomitable. 

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