Pineapple Relocation

Pineapple Relocation

So there’s something you should know…

Creative idea thanks to Lynette.

…In case you didn’t know already. It’s true- this pineapple is gonna go find some New York City stripes. And yes, I’m as surprised as you are. The whole thing is a massive series of surprising events for me. I’ve been dreaming about living in the city for so long that I’m pretty sure I won’t think it’s real until several weeks in when I’m sitting on my lumpy bed eating cabbage and nothing else and my feet are aching from a long day at work and I miss my books. Then it will seem real enough. 🙂

To preemptively answer your questions:

I plan to do PR work for several medical offices in Brooklyn and Queens, so that should be new and exciting and scary along with, oh, everything else in my life.

Yes, you can come visit me, but be forewarned that I probably won’t have room to host and you might have to sleep in the bathtub or under a bridge (or in an Airbnb if you want to be conventional). But  nevertheless, we can still go eat the best dumplings and bagels together.

No, I don’t have a permanent place to live yet, but I’m working on that. I do have a place to stay for the first month; actually, I booked it via Airbnb and when they gave me the exact address, it turned out to be .2 miles from my main office. !!! Also, if you know of the perfect place I should live long term, let me know! 🙂

Yes, I’m excited. Also a little (cough*a lot* cough) terrified, seeing as I have almost no connections in the city. But then I remember the sheer volume of not-coincidences that have kept lining up for me throughout all this planning, and I spend some time researching the nearest coffee shops up there, and I get excited again.

People’s reactions are quite amusing when I tell them this news. They range from a genuine, “Oh, this is so awesome that you get to follow your dreams and man, I’m jealous of you living there!” to a look of disbelief and masked horror accompanied by a polite smile and platitudes. I’ve come to the conclusion that New York City is a lot like cilantro- either you love it and want it on all your food, or you can’t understand how anyone could like it. And who knows if I’ll love it myself, but I sure aim to give it a try!

For all the people who read my blog each and every week (and by “all the people” I mean Rosie and Philip), I will probably be taking a little break or at least posting more irregularly for a bit, which may be hard on my perfectionism, but better for my general sanity. Once I’m settled there though, brace yourself to be bombarded with NYC adventures.

And last but not least, if you feel like praying for me, I will not complain. It’s a huge change for me, new job, new location, new friends, new church, new everything pretty much, and it definitely feels a little overwhelming. But I see God paving the way for me already, and I can’t wait to see what happens. And thank you!


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