Sweet Baby Girl

Sweet Baby Girl

It’s been quite a weekend. After lounging in-utero for two extra weeks, baby Francesca Chante finally decided it was time to make her appearance. Due to some complications, she ended up in the hospital for a few days, covered in wires and tubes and tape residue.

The weekend quickly turned into a flurry of babysitting and hospital runs, but I am happy to say that Francie is finally unhooked from most of the medical paraphernalia, is doing well, and we are very much hoping she can come home tomorrow!

She obviously spent the last two weeks plumping up, and she is the chubbiest, squishiest, most darling thing you can imagine, at nearly 10 pounds! She even outweighs her new cousin Caspian, who is already four weeks old. But oh, she’s a doll (seriously, check out that dimple).

So welcome to the world, sweet baby girl. I really can’t wait to become your favorite tia. 😀


Several of the photos courtesy of Michael.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Girl

  1. I hope you somehow get a bonus blessing for that spur of the moment baby sitting that turned into a whole weekend ordeal.!!

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