Out With the Old, In With the New

Out With the Old, In With the New

It’s that time again- time to look back at the past year and remember what happened, and to make resolutions and plans for the upcoming year. I love remembering the previous year, and making lists of the good that happened, don’t you? Let me start with the very beginning of 2017…

  • It started with a wonderful New Year’s Eve party with our youth group. It’s tradition for us to always get together and ring in the new year, dressed in anything from tuxedos to leis, depending on the year. Last year the theme was 1950s-1960s, which only happens to be one of my favorite eras. We had a darling little diner which served shakes and sliders, and we got to dress up in lipstick and heels to our hearts’ content. Check it out.


  • Then there was the golden weekend in Norfolk, Virginia, which we spent eating sweet potato hash and soaking up the sunshine and finding the best fish taco place ever. Speaking of which, if you’re ever in Virginia Beach, check out Pelon’s Baja Grill. So worth it.


  • After years of an aversion to most forms of exercise, I discovered one I actually love. This was pretty shocking to my very non-athletic self, and a very pleasant surprise.
  • I read On Writing Well, by William Zinsser. It is about writing (go figure), but it is so interesting it kept me up at night. Definitely check it out if you want to read back over your previous writing and see that it is all trash.
  • I finished a 5k, which was a very good feeling, and also determined running is not what I want to do with my life.


  • There was the trip to NYC in February, and again last month, which I would talk about, but I’m pretty sure you’re sick and tired of hearing me go on about that city.
  • I started this blog! I’d been writing elsewhere, but Rosie coined the name Striped Pineapple this spring, and I’ve been posting weekly here since then. And speaking of which…

  • I wrote this post on a whim, and accidentally collected quite a following of single Mennonite girls through it. It was by far the most popular post of the year. Well. It just goes to show you never know what the masses want to read. 😀
  • I bought a new-to-me car, and relish having working AC and windows that roll up and down on command. It’s the little things, y’all.
  • There were not one, but two major snowstorms. For North Carolina, this is quite a feat, and one I was tickled pink about.
  • So many tacos were consumed, and yes, that is totally worthy of its own bullet point. Apparently, the love for tacos runs in the family, because for our Christmas celebration, we had a taco bar! Best thing ever.


  • The Padres finished their house remodel, and although this isn’t exactly a personal accomplishment, it is amazing to have a new light and airy place for our family to congregate. There are two (TWO!) pantries to have pantry talks in, and lots of room for all the kids to bop about and the adults to eat popcorn in.
  • There were several episodes of camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Camping is so much work that I have mixed feelings about it, but on the other hand, a bit of mountain time restores peace of mind like little else. Also, I faced my fear of water and went tubing and jumped into water far deeper than my head…and it was a blast.


And now 2018 has come upon us, full of opportunities and adventures and growth. The beginning of a new year feels so hopeful to me. I love making goals and habit changes and anticipating good to come.

For this new year, a couple of my resolutions are:

  • Get published somewhere besides my blog. (Working on it.)
  • Read all the unread books from my library, minus a few exceptions. (I can’t read the French one, not yet.) There are a lot!
  • Do a little exploring of this lovely country I live in, and hopefully a bit outside as well.

I can’t wait to see what adventures come upon us this year. Here’s wishing you a fun and peace-filled year. Cheers!

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