Book Review: The Curated Closet

Book Review: The Curated Closet

I found Anuschka Rees’ blog a while ago, and was fascinated by her fresh take on fashion. Most fashionistas like to put you into a little box and say, “You are shaped like an apple and have winter coloring, therefore you must only wear this style and this color regardless if you like it or not, because it suits you and I know best.” Anuschka takes a very different approach.

She wrote a post titled “Why I don’t believe in dressing for my body type”, which resonated with me immensely, and I had to procure a copy of her book to read her opinions more thoroughly.

*The Curated Closet is a guide to finding out what clothes to buy, and how to buy them well. Instead of relegating you to boxes based on coloring and body shape, Anuschka offers helpful ways to find what colors and types of clothes you actually love, and tips on how to shop so your closet is full of only those pieces.

As Lynette said, “This is the first personal style guide that encapsulates what I’ve had to learn over 10 years of trial and error. It’s quite a valuable guide to learning personal style without being stuffed into uncomfortable boxes, or clothes.”

There are tips for finding out how many clothes you actually need of each category, how to ensure the pieces you buy are quality, and how to tailor pieces that don’t fit right. She doesn’t encourage mass consumerism, but rather, thoughtful buying so you can have less clothing but greater satisfaction.

The layout of the book is clean, fresh, and easy to read, with lots of photography and useful charts.

If you’re trying to pin down your personal style, or just feel unsatisfied with your closet packed with mediocre pieces, I think you’ll find “The Curated Closet” quite helpful.

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