New York City Fashion

New York City Fashion

New York City is one of the fashion capitals of the world, I hear, alongside Paris and other such progressive places. It certainly is a place where you can expect to see just about anything and everything walking down a sidewalk, and even though there’s enough weirdness here that I should be used to it by now, sometimes I still find someone so interesting I can’t help sneaking a picture from the hip. Wanna see?

Sometimes what you see is more charming than strange. Wouldn’t you like to hear the stories this man could tell?

Sometimes someone matches everything perfectly down to their coffee cup. I wonder what his closet looks like.

There’s the occasional person you’re pretty sure stepped straight out of a story book…

Or who makes you scratch your head a little. Say what?

How do those shoes work for, oh, I dunno, walking?

Sometimes the pants are puzzlingly short…

And sometimes they display the most marvelous socks.

The mannequins are part of the game too, and may leave you scratching your head in wonder. Did I just wander into Wonderland?

Sometimes they showcase ultra-comfortable jewelry…

Like I said, super comfy.

You may randomly find your train car filled to the brim with white, down to the picnic baskets and the amazingly elaborate hats which I failed to capture. A “Diner En Blanc”- I’m told by one of the dazzling crowd- the exclusive kind of French fete you try for five years to get an invitation to before succeeding.

You see businessmen alongside hipsters in their outrageous patterns, ragged jeans beside tailored suits, sunburned feet in Birkenstocks alongside tassled loafers, Amish people walking the street beside NYC high fashion, crazy people wearing huge and fake wigs for no reason alongside haircuts that cost hundreds of dollars, and no matter what you step out the door wearing, I can assure you someone somewhere is wearing something brighter and stranger. And that’s just fine by me.


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