Let’s Talk Instagram

Let’s Talk Instagram

No, this is not a post about the evils of Instagram, or about my Instagram fast, or even particularly about the merits of Instagram. I don’t have anything new to say about any of those topics- I’m not that clever or insightful. This is simply a post about what my Instagram feed looks like, because when I find something I like, I want all my friends to know about it in case they like it too. For instance, wouldn’t it be a crying shame if the world at large didn’t know about the magic of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups, or about how amazing french fries and frosties are together, or about the wonder that is linen pants?

Good things deserve to be shared. I’ve always thought that, which is why I run out of gum so fast, particularly around my nieces and nephews. And so, with no further ado, let me tell you about some of my favorite Instagram accounts, just in case your feed needs a refresher.

Ryan Pernofski’s feed seems simple enough at first glance. Oh, a man who takes photographs of the ocean, how original. But don’t be fooled. His images are consistently one of the most calming and beautiful things on my feed, and his slow-mo videos of the waves crashing over the camera and turning the light to the most breathtaking shades of blues and greens and pinks, oh man… Let’s just say that if I could decorate my house in exactly the colors of the ocean that he captures, I would be happy.

Nathan Pyle is great to begin with. But Nathan Pyle Strange Planet takes all the bizarre little things we do and makes you laugh at just what a ridiculous breed we humans are. What good is life if we can’t be a little amused at ourselves? Check out his pigeons page too, if you’d like to know what pigeons are really and truly thinking.

Skye McAlpine will make you want to sell all your belongings and buy a home in England and also another in Venice and decorate them with antique pink wallpaper and eat everything off of gorgeous tables strewn with dusty roses and vintage china, since that’s apparently possible as a lifestyle. Also you may have to paint your kitchen pink when you see hers. Basically, if you don’t like pink done well, or fruit-laden pavlovas, or picturesque Venetian evenings, don’t bother.

On the flip side, if you want to feel better about the piles of laundry decorating your ancient carpeted floor, or about the empty peanut butter jars somehow still residing in your cupboard, or about the fact that you are eating rice-a-roni for dinner, check out The Scrambled Wife. Everyday struggles with a possible very-cute-Asian-baby tucked here and there. What’s not to love?

I found Lipstick and Gelato via a comment she left on a blog I love, and now I’m her number one New York City fan. Her name is also Rachel, and she loves to bake and write and paint and basically she is good at all the things and funny to boot, but in a down-to-earth sort of fashion. Sometimes you find kindred spirits on Instagram, and even though you’re unlikely to ever meet, you find yourself wanting to move close by to be part of their beach picnics and random cake-drop-offs.

Are you an introvert too, like me and most of my friends? The Covert Introvert is just the thing for ironic laughs. “If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me.”

Deb Perelman is the author of the Smitten Kitchen blog which I have been a long time fan of. And now that my lifestyle is a little less conducive to blog reading than it was previously, her Instagram page provides me with bites of wit and sass and delicious things to eat. She was recently in Paris, and if you want to die quite dead of envy, check out her pinned stories of her trip. So. Many. Pastries. You may gain weight just from watching it, or you may accidentally buy a flight to Paris yourself.

Did you think you can bake? Nah, you can’t. The Pieous can. Too bad for you. My main question is not how she creates her art though, but how she manages to ever cut it and eat it.

Feel free to share your favorite feeds with me, and I may just find a new favorite. And as always, you can find mine here. 


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