Pictures For Rosie (and you too)

Pictures For Rosie (and you too)

Rosie said I don’t post enough pictures. Rosie is usually right. Therefore, here you go. Let us commence with a Sunday afternoon spent roaming downtown Brooklyn. I do a lot of roaming, you see, since I have a lot of time to spend alone and there are only so many things that are fun to do by oneself. Exploring is one of them…

And we move on to a sunny Saturday spent exploring Forest Hills, Queens…

And to finish it off, a little Manhattan…

The stereotype has it that New Yorkers walk fast with their faces turned toward the sidewalk. This may be true, and I’ve done my share of determined speeding through crowds while watching my steps. I’m getting to be quite a fast walker and may yet live to unfortunately forget all the lessons in meandering I learned in Honduras. But. I haven’t forgotten to look up at the sky yet, and the sights reward me whenever I turn my face upward.


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