Little Letters: Fall in NYC Edition

Little Letters: Fall in NYC Edition

Dear Queens, Whoever the genius was that thought to line your streets with trees which turn into a shower of gold come fall, I hope he knows how much I love his brilliance. You really do turn into a queen crowned with gold this time of year. Love, Smitten

Dear Brooklyn Bridge, Listen. You’re cool at the worst of times. Even when the tourists are crowding and jogging your elbows and making you mutter things under your breath as they walk brazenly in the bike lanes, even when the sun is beating down and you’re leaving a slippery trail of sweat behind you on the planks as you walk, even when it’s so cold that you wonder why you didn’t bring your parka and your dog sled, even then you’re cool. But on an autumn night when the air is just a hint chilly and the mist is swirling in the sky, obscuring the tops of all the skyscrapers, and you walk across the nearly empty bridge in the cool breeze, feeling like you could keep on forever, well then you’re just magical. Love, I<3NY

Dear Central Park, You are the bees’ knees in the fall. Bouquets of sharpened pencils and school supplies and pumpkin pies spring to mind as I meander your paths, and I halfway expect to stumble into a Nora Ephron movie scene. Love, Cliché

Dear Sunshine, I miss you just the slightest bit. But also, the city’s magic shines brightest at night, and I’m not mad about having more dusky hours in which to explore the sparkling streets. At night the piles of garbage and the stresses of the day and the creases on people’s foreheads and even the sense of time fade away, and I wander the streets entranced, going wherever my feet take me, seeing what magic I can find around each new corner. Love, Nocturnal

Dear Fuzzy Socks, Do you remember that time this summer when I was stretching out some leather shoes with thick socks and a hairdryer (neat life hack), and even though it was a hot day, I put you on my feet and instantly I felt, even in the middle of the mind-dulling stress of the summer, that everything was going to be alright after all? Remember that? You and fuzzy blankets make the world a much, much better place, and I’m so happy when it’s finally cool enough to don you again. I know you’re not specific to NYC but in my chilly, creaky, old apartment, you sure do make my life better. Don’t ever change. Love, Swaddled



2 thoughts on “Little Letters: Fall in NYC Edition

  1. Mmmm… I enjoyed this post! I have been recently craving a trip to NYC (I’ve never been!). I’m not sure how long it’ll be until I’m able to visit, as I live in Canada and alas, COVID has made traveling so complicated. But I can still dream of visiting. Just trying to decide whether it’s better to visit during autumn or over Christmas time….

  2. Your emails are such n inspiration!
    It’s very obvious that you love fall, lol.

    Keep up the great writing. Always love to see them in my inbox. 🙂

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