Catching Up

Catching Up

Contrary to appearances, I am alive and not dead. When I planned to move here, I thought, I’ll have so many adventures and stories to tell, and since I won’t have any friends, I’ll have all the time in the world to write them! I planned to write voraciously, and perhaps I’d even be so bold as to write a book!

Well. How the mighty have fallen. It is true that I have so many adventures worth writing about here. It is also true that my social circle is very very small, and you’d think that would leave me with gobs of free time. However, what I didn’t count on was just how taxing work would be. I finish a day and all I want to do is aimlessly walk the streets or watch a show or sit somewhere quietly and just be. Something mindless. And while you may not guess it from my writing style, it does actually require a decent amount of mental energy to construct a good post. Also, since WordPress has ceased working on my phone despite my efforts to fix the issue, I can’t post on the go as I otherwise might. (Hello WordPress minions, are you listening?)

Is that a valid excuse, or would you like me to churn out a few more? Because I have more up my sleeve, if you’d like to hear them!

Would you like to hear a little bit about my ordinary life? So, I work for a medical company that has a dozen offices or so, sprinkled throughout Brooklyn and Queens. I was hired to do PR work, charm straying patients, plan parties, that kind of thing, but so far I’ve mostly been training in and also covering for other positions that are lacking staff. So I’ve spent most of my time in the call center, replying to emails and making appointments and answering the incessantly ringing phone. I talk to patients and insurance agents and pharmacies and other doctor’s offices; I talk to grateful people and stressed people and sick people and very nasty people and pretty much I never know what the next five minutes will hold. Recently I’ve also been training in to order durable medical equipment so I can cover for the current DME manager’s maternity leave. So that means if a patient needs a wheelchair or bedpan or walker, I will be placing the orders. It’s kind of fun, but also insurance makes everything twice as confusing, so yay. It’s an interesting job, all around, but especially on the days when the phone rings every thirty seconds, it’s a bit exhausting too.

That’s my work life; my evenings look something like this: I try to hit up the Brooklyn Tabernacle prayer meeting as many Tuesday nights as I can. I love sitting in the cool, dark, quiet space before the service begins, forgetting the outside world for a little while, and of course the services are lovely too, but you already knew that. Wednesday nights I have a Bible study in the Financial District. So I take the train from work and walk past the stock market and the One World Trade Center and all the other monumental places, just casually as if I belonged there, and go to an apartment right in the middle of it all where we sit on the floor and study 1 John and drink La Croix. The other evenings I sometimes attend a book signing or a writer’s workshop or a Tim Keller conference or a J. R. R. Tolkien exhibit, or if my brain is too fried as I mentioned previously, I may just meander along the streets and eat pizza, or go home and do 75 pounds of laundry, or lie on my bed without the will to move at all. Whenever I go out for the evening, I usually go straight from work because I live an hour out of the way to pretty much everything, so that means I’m not at home that often.

Weekends are the bomb, but then, they are everywhere, not just in NYC. On the Saturdays I’m not traveling or otherwise booked, I pick a spot I want to see, and after a leisurely coffee at home, I put on comfortable shoes and set out for the day, armed with a water bottle, a metro card, and cash for the surprises that may pop up. My feet take me all kinds of places, along the water front where I can smell the ocean air, down Fifth Avenue to window shop and people watch, to Little Italy and Flushing and Chelsea Market and The Highline, to bookstores and boutiques and bakeries- I’ll never run out of things to see.

Sundays I go to a little tiny church in Manhattan that I found through a friend of a friend. I’m still making up my mind about it, but the people are warm and welcoming and lovely so I’m attending there for now. It’s also how I found the Bible study I go to. After church I might grab lunch with someone or by myself, and kill the afternoon in a park or by walking the streets before going to a later service at Times Square Church or Redeemer. Basically, I go to so much church. šŸ™‚

So that’s my life currently. As I settle into the groove, and especially as I become more comfortable at work, I’m sure I’ll have more mental space to write to you all. Meanwhile, thanks to you for commenting on my pictures online (you can find me on Instagram here) and for writing me letters and sending me books and flowers and gifts, and basically for not forgetting me. You, my readers, mean a lot to me.


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