Ways to Enjoy Winter

Ways to Enjoy Winter

  • Pack up the rest of your sort-of-summer clothes that you were still wearing and put them far away out of sight. Get out your biggest coats, and furriest boots if you haven’t already.
  • Put an extra cozy blanket on the bottom of your bed, for when you want to curl up and keep your feet warm.
  • Invest in a couple good pairs of fuzzy socks if you don’t have any. If you do, make a point of wearing them. Slippers are also the best.
  • Every day, wear enough clothes. If you’re always feeling cold in your house, you’re doing it wrong. Be cozy enough that you don’t resent the colder temperatures.

  • Light candles all the time. You can also roast mini marshmallows on toothpicks over unscented taper candles, did you know?
  • Compile a few Christmas gifts for a couple friends, just for fun. Nothing big and definitely nothing expensive, just a pair of fuzzy socks or a loaf of gingerbread or a bottle of nail polish. It really is the thought, and the act of giving will heighten your enjoyment of the season.
  • Embrace Christmas music. Not the cheesy stuff, if you hate that, but there are plenty of tinkly or choral pieces that just make one’s spirits soar. Play it in your house as you sit by your twinkly lights.
  • Lighting! Lighting is key to creating a cozy house. Leave your string lights up all winter, even when you take down your Christmas tree.

  • Make a point of decorating for winter after the Christmas stuff comes down, so you don’t feel so forlorn. Make paper snowflakes, or spread glitter about. 🙂 You can also spray paint leaves and/or branches white or silver, for a lovely winter decor.
  • Take a day or a week to make proper New Year’s resolutions. Map out how you’re going to go about accomplishing them, with check boxes you can fill in each week or something. You can even do a different resolution every month, which is such fun. Spend time feeling good about how disciplined and adult you are becoming.

  • Eat soup every week, if that’s your thing. Or if not, eat lots of warm, crusty breads with dipping oils. Comfort food is the best in the winter, when you want something nice and hot. Make ratatouille.
  • Make a habit of drinking a cuppa tea each night before bed.
  • Learn a new craft that you’ve always wanted to know. Watercolor painting, or macrame, or juggling, whatevs.
  • If it snows, CELEBRATE. Go out in it, party like it’s the last snow ever.
  • Do stretches every morning, and take walks on the nice days. Even on the cold days, just bundle up more. You will feel so alive and healthy and Scandinavian.
  • Over the holidays is the time to see live shows! Music and dance and light shows abound, and it doesn’t take too much searching to find very affordable or free options. Take advantage of this!

  • Same as with Thanksgiving, develop a few Christmas traditions just for your wee family. Maybe it’s having a certain meal while watching It’s a Wonderful Life, or wearing toe socks together while you open presents, or whatever. Just so they’re yours.
  • Read up on hygge, and be intentional about practicing it when you get chilly.

What is your favorite part of winter?


A Year Ago:

A New York City Christmas


Photo credits to Lyn and Mia.

7 thoughts on “Ways to Enjoy Winter

  1. My biggest issue with point #1 is that i’d have to do laundry too often or go naked if i’d pack away all my sorta summer clothes.

  2. You inspired me to dig out those fuzzy aloe vera infused socks you gave me for a “you gave birth!” gift. And I put fuzzy socks on Caspian. Do you have any idea how cute white fuzzy baby socks are?

    Come hygge with me today.

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