Day 6: Links I Love

Day 6: Links I Love

Any writer knows that one of the best ways to write well is to read good writing. And we are lucky, because unlike our grandparents, we don’t have to rely on books for this. We can pick up our phones and find a wealth of lovely articles at our fingertips.

And if you create art in other ways than writing, there is so much inspiration abounding online. Gorgeous pictures, recipes for everything you could ever want, house decor…it’s endless.

I love reading blogs and articles and finding kindred spirits online. The flip side is, with such an overload of available material to plow through, the good stuff can become lost in the rubble. So, I’d like to introduce you to a few things I stumbled upon that I loved, and that I think you will too.


Stella writes about being an introvert in a city. “As an introvert, when I moved to New York City, I had the numbers stacked against me — 8,550,404:1. Would I ever be able to find alone time?”

This couple’s tradition just melts me a little. How cute are they? “It’s just easier to be in a good mood.” says Jane. I think she’s on to something.

The more I look at this apartment, the more I want to kick Skye out and move in myself. Look at the kitchen, with all its copper pots and jars of flour. Isn’t it lovely?

This Spanish Instagrammer does some of the prettiest food photography I’ve seen.  And in her stories you can hear her lovely Castilian accent.

Eye candy. And delight for your OCD soul.

Hannah talks about living out of love instead of fear. Man, she steps on my toes. But she has such good things to say about it.

A year ago: Rhoda

Photo by Lynette.

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