Day 9: The Mocksville Graveyard

Day 9: The Mocksville Graveyard

There was a spot I passed every day on my way to work for many months. I saw the sign advertising that Daniel Boone’s parents were buried there, and while it always piqued my interest, I never managed to find the time to stop in.

Until one day I glanced in on my way by and the gorgeous leaves just drew me in; I had to stop. So I pulled in, and this is what I found.


A hush pervades the air, even though it’s just off a busy road. The front half is neatly groomed, but behind the wobbly stone wall dividing it in half, the graveyard looks neglected and lonely and peaceful, all at once. Tall grass waves over the gravestones with almost illegible markings.


Hey look, Squire and Sarah Boone really are buried here. People leave things on top of the grave, like coins and acorns and one lone earring. I don’t know why.


It’s turned into my favorite place to take my lunch break. The taco shop next door provides the fare, and the graveyard provides the peace and quiet and renewal for the middle of my day.

Check it out next time you drive through Mocksville and need a little peaceful spot to sit a bit. You just might love it as much as I.

A year ago: Melissa

7 thoughts on “Day 9: The Mocksville Graveyard

  1. I like picnics in graveyards too- though I’ve only done it once. Lol. I thought I was the only weird one that’s ever done something like that!

      1. We could start an app for introverts. It would track all your friend’s locations and alert you if you get too close to each other. Not like that’s an invasion of privacy or anything.

        1. Oh the possibilities. I can both imagine introverts being interested in that, and running screaming in terror at the idea of everyone knowing their location. So…

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