Day 16: Urban Tote

Day 16: Urban Tote

I told you all once about how I won an Urban Southern giveaway and was gifted with a lovely triangle clutch. What I couldn’t convey to you through a blog post was just how good it smelled, and how lovely it felt, both the smooth exterior and the soft suede interior.

I carried my clutch and continued stalking their business, and making mental notes of which bags I would love to own if I ever found a good enough excuse for buying one. Well, one day after plenty of research, I was given a bonus at work, and decided, why not? I purchased the Urban Tote, hoping it would be big enough for what I wanted and not too bulky to carry every day.

My package arrived quickly, and I swooned just a little bit. The smell took me back to being a little girl in my uncle’s shoe shop, filled with leather boots. The bag was luscious, both in its rich color and lovely softness.


I was happy to find that I could fit a ton of stuff inside! An extra pair of shoes, my computer, a few books, my wallet, a change of clothes, the more the merrier! It was plenty big enough to pack for an overnight stay somewhere, but small enough to not be cumbersome to lug around.

I’ve quickly found myself picking it up nearly every single day when I leave my house. Sometimes I try to carry other bags, but this one is just so easy. I do like carrying a smaller crossbody purse inside, which I can take out to carry into stores, and I always have several little pouches to keep my chapstick and ibuprofen and keys from becoming hopelessly entangled. Works like a charm.

I carried it when we walked many miles around New York City, and found it quite comfortable and up to the task of carting all my junk around.

Photo by Grace

I’m hoping this bag lasts me till I’m eighty, so I can use it every day until then.

And now, for the best part. Urban Southern has offered the Striped Pineapple readers a 15% discount off any product if you use the code EAT15 at checkout! (This offer is valid until April 30, 2018, not to be combined with any other sales or coupons.) If you’ve had your eye one one of their products, here is your chance.

Check out Urban Southern if you want to see their full selection.

This is not a sponsored post. I just really love my Urban Southern bags.

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