Day 8: Oreos

Day 8: Oreos

When I was a kid, one of the men at church did a children’s lesson using Oreos as the illustration. “These two cookies are like two people,” he said, “And the frosting between is the love that holds them together.” I’m not sure exactly what point he was trying to impress on our eight-year-old minds, but I’ve never forgotten that Oreos mean love.

For years I had some friends with whom I would trade packs of Oreos on special occasions, reminding each other of the love that held us together. Double stuff meant double the love! Granted, I didn’t need a Sunday school lesson to teach me to love Oreos, but it never hurts to have another reason to love your favorite thing.

Although everyone’s method of eating them differs (I prefer mine dipped in milk, not taken apart), I’ve hardly met anyone who doesn’t love some form of Oreos. Are you a fan? And how do you eat them?

P.S. Public service announcements:

Have you tried s’moreos, made with mint Oreos instead of graham crackers and chocolate?

And did you know that Oreo has come out with a cookie butter version? You’re welcome.

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