Questions to Which I May Never Have Answers

Questions to Which I May Never Have Answers

One. Why is it that seeing people sit on surfaces not meant for sitting on is endearing? Eating cereal while sitting cross legged on the kitchen floor, perching on top of the piano to chat with someone, lying on the hood of a car to star-gaze… Is it just me?

Two. Why are octopuses such a trend right now? Creepy, smushy things, I can’t imagine decorating my home with them. Shudder.

Three. How does Princess Kate do everything in those four inch heels? Does she have steel pipes instead of ankles or something?

Four. How many years will pass before we look back at the iPhone versus Android debates and shake our heads at the foolishness of it all?

Five. Those people who live in the south and still love summer more than life- do they live in pools 24/7? If so, how does this work practically alongside things like, I dunno, having a job?

Six. Man rompers? QUE? (Look them up at your own risk.)

Seven. Why is it considered more spiritual to be glum? The people I most admire are the cheerful ones.

Eight. How does anyone find things on Twitter? I get majorly lost among the hashtags and links.

Nine. Why is it so hard for writers to admit they’re writers? It’s like this super secret club that you can only attain to if you’ve published at least three books or written for the Huffington Post. But yet, nobody actually thinks that, except writers criticizing their own work.

Ten. Why do some homes still have landlines?

Eleven. Those people who put the tp roll on backwards, how do their minds work? Whyyyy? As barbaric as putting a full roll on top of an empty one is, I can understand the thought process, because it’s slightly more work to replace it properly. But putting it on backwards just doesn’t make any sense.

Twelve. Does it take bravery to face a silly fear, like the fear of what people think? Or should bravery be solely dedicated to facing things that could actually be dangerous? What do you think?


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7 thoughts on “Questions to Which I May Never Have Answers

  1. Me, reading this post: “Wow, such interesting questions, I’ll bet the comments section will be fascinating! Oh, one boring question about TP. Who cares which way the TP goes?”

    Comments: “TOILET PAPER! BUT THE TOILET PAPER! Oh my goodness, the TOILET PAPER!!!”

    hee hee

  2. I spent five years at my last job switching the tp. I was glad to leave you capably at the helm of that ship when I left.

  3. HOW are we even roommates?! I always put the TP on to have it come out on the underside. It looks neater to me. 😀

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