Life On My Own

Life On My Own

My roommate Lyn is gone for the summer, and I am busy checking “living alone” off my 30-Before-30 list. If you are looking for a helpful guide to aid you in making the decision of whether to have roommates or not, I have written one up for you. So here goes, pros and cons of living alone.


Pro. Quiet mornings without hearing anybody else.

Con. Quiet evenings in which the creaks of the house are amplified.


Pro. You don’t have to share your popcorn.

Con. When you make way too much food, there’s nobody else to eat it, and you’re stuck with mushroom risotto for a week.


Pro. You always know who the hair on the bathroom floor belongs to.

Con. You always know who the hair on the bathroom floor belongs to.


Pro. You can always pick what to watch.

Con. There’s nobody to share the hilarity of what you’re watching.


Pro. Less dishes.

Con. Every single dish has to be washed by you.


Pro. You can eat more cheaply. Rice and beans for daaaays.

Con. Except when you stop at Aldi way after dinner time when you’re starving, and then there’s nobody to split the bill with you. Never mind.


Pro. You get to take all the trash out, and pay all the bills yourself.

Con. Oh wait, that was a con.


Pro. I’m out of pros.

Con. Lyn, you may come back home now.

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