Kitschy Apartment Tour

Kitschy Apartment Tour

Hello all. A lot of people express interest in my house, maybe because they find the thought of living above a music store in a historic downtown almost as fascinating as I do. (Side note: I know the above photo of the town is over Christmas time, but that’s when Mocksville is the most beautiful, in my opinion.)

Since I can’t have you all over, I thought I’d give you a little virtual tour of the place. I live in a tiny flat with Lynette, who is my coworker as well as flatmate. The apartment is laid out kind of strangely; I think it used to be a doctor’s office. It has about one and a half bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and one creaky hall. There’s a washer and dryer down the hall from our place which we share with the neighbors. It’s inconvenient in spots, but I love it because it isn’t perfect, and I get to creatively figure out ways to make it serve our needs as best as possible. After all, rearranging is the joy of my life.


First up, the kitchen. The kitchen came equipped with exactly one drawer, so before I moved in with Lyn, my Dad and brothers helped us build the shelf, which has made a world of difference for storage space. We painted it bright blue, thinking of the blue and white landscape in Santorini, Greece, and I haven’t regretted it a second.

The table was given to Lyn out of a repo barn, and after we painted over the dingy legs, it was just the thing we needed. We also have a dresser to the right of the table, which nicely holds the coffee supplies and gives us a few extra drawers.


And what do we have here? Only the wall art for which my blog is named! Etsy print, and yard sale frame.


Here’s the other side of the kitchen, where the culinary magic happens. Lyn is an excellent cook, and I can’t say I mind.


Yet another pineapple, which we love despite its somewhat hideous appearance.


On to the living room, which is right just down the hall from the kitchen and bathroom. This was originally my bedroom, and it worked okay but recently we decided to see if we could rearrange to make a living room. This might just be my favorite room of the house now. The couch is a roadside special, the blue chair comes from a thrift store, and the bookshelf and brown chair are from Craigslist. As you can see, we have very expensive taste.