That Time I Won a Giveaway

That Time I Won a Giveaway

One Friday evening I left work and was headed to New York for the weekend. I like my job, but this Friday had been rough. I had talked to a particularly difficult customer whose scathing remarks had left me in tears, and I was unwinding in the car, trying to stop replaying the phone call in my head, when suddenly I got an email.

I’ve followed Urban Southern for some time, since I really admire the bags they produce, and I know one of the ladies running the company. They posted about a giveaway for the triangle clutch they produced for New York Fashion Week. Naturally, I entered, but of course I didn’t expect to win. I mean, who actually wins giveaways? Only people with perfect Instagram lives who never discover halfway through their bowls of granola that the milk is sour do, right?

But there was the email from Regina, congratulating me on my win. !!! It was perfect timing, cheering me up after a bad day, and I eagerly awaited my package in the mail. A few days later it arrived, wrapped in white paper, beautiful and soft and smelling just like my Amish uncle Aden’s leather shoe shop.

I’ve so enjoyed carrying it since, and love how versatile it is. Whether I’m dressing like a vintage gypsy, an Instagram wife (hah!), or a business woman, the classic leather and geometric shape are always on point.

One time after church I mislaid it, and after searching, I discovered my Dad holding it. When I took it from him, he said, “But now I won’t be cool anymore!” (Don’t worry Dad, you’re cool beyond the clutch of clutches.)

Its unusual shape has gotten comments from both strangers and lots of friends, and it’s just the right blend of funky and classy to totally suit me.

Thank you Urban Southern for making my bad day brighter, and for my lovely clutch. And thank you Lynette for all these pictures.

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