Five Songs I’ve Been Enjoying

Five Songs I’ve Been Enjoying

One. The Bullfrog Opera, by The Okee Dokee Brothers. This one is just nonsensical enough to tickle my fancy. I mean, “We’ve got Broadway tickets to see a line of crickets, and the loons are playing Carnegie Hall…” Yes please. Not to mention, the woodwind woven through out is da bomb.

Two.  Be Kind to Yourself, by Andrew Peterson. For a long time, I didn’t get the Andrew Peterson fans. My friends kept going on about how much they loved him, and singing his songs, and I couldn’t quite get on board. I had heard too many bad campfire guitar renditions which never seemed to be able to end, and I just wasn’t a fan. But then Rosie showed me this version of his most popular Is He Worthy, shot at the Sing! conference with hundreds of voices singing backup, and I could have listened to it on repeat for days. Anyway, back to the original song of his I mentioned- it’s really lovely particularly for this trying season of life. And as a bonus song for the list, The Rain Keeps Falling… if I had children and a garden and any song-writing abilities whatsoever, I might have said I’d written it myself. I love sad songs, and this is one of the better ones I’ve heard.

Three. Thank You, by Pentatonix. This group strays from their standard acappella mixes to create this achingly poignant song, woven throughout with piano and cello. It’s technically a Christmas song, but don’t mind me- I’ll just be listening to it for the next year.

Four. New Name Written Down in Glory, by People & Songs with Charity Gayle. Shortly before the world came to a screeching halt, my choir learned this song. I wasn’t really familiar with People & Songs or Charity Gayle at the time, but the song was great fun to sing. Then on the last weekend we got to have church together, Charity Gayle came to BT as a guest artist, and I loved her Appalachia vibes, and her love for God. Since then, I’ve had lots of their songs on repeat. I love how they record in a room full of people, singing along with all their might on the sidelines. Makes you feel like you’re a part of the rejoicing as well. And listen, if you like some very unusual musical vibes, check out My God Fights For Me. Such fun.

Five. I Don’t Want to Live On the Moon, by Diana Panton. I think this is technically a kids’ song, but obviously that doesn’t stop me. The song explores the possibility of living on the moon, or under the sea, or in the jungle, but decides it’s better to just live at home and only visit. It’s just so darling; “There’s not much to do when your friends are all fish, and an oyster and clam aren’t real family, so I don’t want to live in the sea…”

Enjoy! Are there any you’ve had on repeat that I should add to my 2021 playlist? Drop a comment, I’m always happy for a great musical introduction.


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  1. Diana Panton is a new artist for me: Caspian was mesmerized by a few of her songs this afternoon. Thanks for the introduction.

    Also, for current songs in this house: The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Naughty Puppy, and Jesus Loves Me. Riveting, I know.

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