Day 20: Mandala Cloth, And a Giveaway!

Day 20: Mandala Cloth, And a Giveaway!

Update: We have a winner! Congratulations, Veronica. May your picnics be numerous and jolly.
I’m blaming Pinterest, with its perfect little bohemian houses. But whoever made me do it, somehow I ended up buying a mandala throw instead of a traditional beach towel when I was doing my pre-beach shopping last summer. Turns out, it was one of my favorite purchases all year. Allow me to tell you why.
The light, cottony fabric is perfect for wadding into a little ball to stuff into your beach bag or picnic basket. It folds up much smaller than a traditional beach towel or picnic blanket, and is lighter for carrying. Also, since I live in a tiny space, I love that it takes up minimal room when in storage.
Photo by Weston and the obliging tree

The colors jazz up any setting you take it to. If you want to feel like the perfect Instagrammer, this throw will do the trick. You could probably eat Kraft mac ‘n cheese and twinkies while sitting on it and feel classy, not that I’ve tried…

It’s versatile. Picnics. Beach. Light blanket when you’re chilly. Tablecloth. Bedspread for summer. Curtain. Turban if your head is feeling modest. Baby blanket if you have a Very Large Baby. Human burrito wrap. Backdrop for photos. Blanket fort walls. You name it.


The size is awesome. It’s bigger than a towel, so if you’re using it on the beach, you can spread your long and gangly limbs without getting sand stuck in your knees and elbows. (Or does that just happen to me?) For a picnic, four people fit perfectly around it with a mountain of food in the center.

Now for the fun part. I am giving away this one to one Striped Pineapple reader this month. To enter, just drop a comment below about anything you like. Comments on social media don’t count, only on the blog post. The giveaway is open till the end of February.

If you don’t happen to win and still want to own one, here are a bunch of options for under $15. Or if you want a bigger one, here is a similar one in queen size. If blue is more your thing, check out this gorgeous one. Then invite me over for your perfect boho picnic. I’ll bring the cookie butter!

A year ago: Alannah Grace

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66 thoughts on “Day 20: Mandala Cloth, And a Giveaway!

  1. I’ve been wanting one of these for a long time as picnics are possibly my most favorite thing. This one is beautiful.

  2. So, I read this last week, and thought that I simply must remember to comment on this post before it is too late. I am not a giveaway only commenter (pats herself on the back) and cannot figure out why it is so scary for people to drop a thought into a blog comment section. Some of us regularly drop our thoughts out for all to see. ;D
    It’s been fun, reading your February posts.

  3. I have a blue and white one and it’s lovely. Granted, it doesn’t hide the dirt as well as your darker one, but it’s so beautiful at the beach. If I’d win this one, I’d have the best of both worlds.

  4. A giveaway on top of daily posts?!! You really have given us a reason to get out of bed…even in February! 😉 I’ve actually been reading & enjoying your blog for several months now, so thanks for writing!!!

  5. I have to confess that I always zoom in &/or take a moment to admire yours whenever you post pics with it! Your posts this month have been exceptional !!

  6. I’ve wanted one of these for a while- so throwing my name in the hat and crossing my fingers!! Love all your posts BTW!

  7. I eyed one of these all summer, but couldn’t convince myself to indulge and actually purchase it. They are the cutest!

  8. I can see myself using that on some beautiful beach in HI But honestly, my favorite option is to have it surrounded by a few friends that I love with “mountains” of food in the middle

  9. This is beautiful! Pretty sure my little family needs one of these for our picnics!!
    Also one thing I like: being outside! Summer please come back

  10. I recently discovered your blog through a mutual friend. And I’ve been intrigued by the things you write about.
    Also, with all things summer right around the corner, including kids camps and beach days, this looks like a fun and useful accessory to have.

  11. Ok I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now! So beautiful. Also, I’m planning to plan my first ever dumpster-diving trip

  12. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. There is a big space on the wall of my sunroom that it would look perfect on.

  13. This is me being brave enough to comment on your blog post, because I want one of these a lot. My plan for this summer is to basically live in parks and on the beach, and having a mandala cloth to picnic and lounge on would make it just that much better.

  14. This looks like a beautiful purchase and I can only imagine how tempting it would be to have picnics frequently with such a gorgeous thing.

    Also, I stumbled across your blog recently and it’s become one of my favorites.

  15. Do I foresee all the trendy Insta posts of beautiful bowls of Mac n Cheese and boards of Twinkie’s placed tastefully on these blankets? #stopthediscrimination #allfoodsmatter

  16. I have seriously been wanting to get one of those since you first brought it on one of our beach adventures. I’ve been thinking that it’s a much needed purchase for this years trip. 🙂

  17. I shall heretofore confess that I have drooled and almost coveted this beauty of yours. I shall not covet, but perhaps deeply admired is a better word. With as often and zealous as my children launch picnics (yes, even in dreary February weather in which my white backed quilt was spread on the slushy ground ) perhaps I should invest in one of these…

  18. Just gotta say.. HOW you write makes it so fun to read. Maybe because you write the way you talk either way, you’re definitely a good one to keep around.

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