Crazy Schedules and a Month of Posting

Crazy Schedules and a Month of Posting

Hi you all,

First off, if you are expecting a normal post where I write coherently and in an orderly fashion, this is not your day. Just wanted to warn you in advance. The brain power is lacking, y’all, and so this is just going to be a wordy conglomeration which you probably want to skip. 😀

Wow, it has been a bit of a crazy month, hasn’t it? One thing life never does is slow down as I get older. A few months ago I had dropped a couple commitments temporarily to try to slow down a little and keep my sanity, which is somewhat helpful for my roommate and customers. But a little bit ago I realized with a start that suddenly I have five weekly commitments again (FIVE), along with working five days a week, trying to keep house, and attempting to stay in touch a little with friends and family. Sheesh. How does this happen people? Is it just me, or is that a little insane?

I can’t ever seem to keep the balance between being lazy and stretching myself entirely too thin. If somebody knows how this is done, please clue me in. As an INFP I crave spontaneity, which isn’t something there can be much of with a schedule like that, and I find myself going just a little crazy until I drop a bunch of stuff and then the cycle repeats itself. Until I figure it out, I’ll continue my habits of reading something delightful in the morning, taking walks in the fresh air to clear my head, and dancing my stresses away.

This is not to intimate that it’s been a terrible few months! On the contrary, I have had some lovely times, eaten delicious sushi, enjoyed a surprise snowstorm, and made a few delightful new friends. What more could a girl ask for?

Moving on…Last year I spent the month of February introducing you to my family. I enjoyed the month of posts so much I decided to do it again this year, except on a different topic. (Since, you know, I needed something else to add to my schedule.) Since I’ve basically run out of family to introduce, I’m going to be talking each day about something that I love- books, activities, food, whatever. I love making lists of my favorite things (have since I was a little girl), so it’s only fitting that I drag you in on it, right? Taking a little time each day to be grateful is one of the best ways to stay sane in a mad world, I think.

If you want to follow along, I’ll be posting links on my FaceBook page daily. Feel free to like the page if you want the notifications in your feed.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Schedules and a Month of Posting

  1. Cancel something. That’s my best advice. Because I know what it’s like for an introvert to not have enough quiet. We don’t operate well in any of our tasks. But why am I sounding like the expert? I’m pretty good at over-committing myself. 🙁

    1. I feel pretty obliged to all of them, so what I’m trying is to cancel one each week, so I only have to cancel on each event once a month or so. But I still have an extra evening. It’s working alright so far. 🙂

  2. Have you tried a paper planner? I’ve found it helpful to write out my weekly schedule, and also, communicating with my husband helps me realize whether I’m overcommitted. Maybe you have a friend..? 😉 Knowing my limitations and reminding myself that saying ‘NO’ can be healthy, helps minimize the busyness . 🙂

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