Little Letters

Little Letters

Dear Thanksgiving, You don’t get nearly the attention you deserve. You were by far my favorite holiday, growing up, and although Christmas is creeping closer each year, you’ll always have a special place in my heart. My family knows how to do Thanksgiving right, and this year, most of us are together and are doing the full-blown spread, with everything from cranberry salad full of cream cheese chunks, to turkey done all night on the smoker, to Mimi’s famous spicy vinegar potatoes. It’s epic.

Dear Nieces and Nephews, I think you guys are just the bee’s knees. Parents may argue this (be my guest) but in my opinion, there’s nothing better than being the awesome, funny aunt who reads you books and admires your freckles and new shoes, and sends you home again at the end of the day. You fill our family gatherings with an Abundance of noise and laughter, and I’m pretty excited there are even more of you on the way.

Dear Piano, You and I have a somewhat rocky relationship, but I really do like the feeling of finishing Sunday morning worship when my fingers have stayed on the right keys and everybody in the crowd has sung loudly and joyfully. Also, playing random tinkley songs all alone late at night is one of the best ways I know to decompress.

Dear Handel, You really knew what you were doing when you included trumpet in your Messiah. Although the Hallelujah Chorus is the crowd favorite, I personally like best the goosebumps I get when The Trumpet Shall Sound plays. Going to hear the Messiah every winter is one of my favorite childhood memories, and I’m stoked it’s coming up in a couple weeks again.


Dear Spontaneity, You are my breath of fresh air in a world that’s spinning a little too fast. A quick stop at Scoops for ice cream just for kicks, a walk that goes on for three miles because we want to know what’s around each next corner, impromptu dancing on the sidewalk, planting a clandestine tomato plant late at night…these are the things that keep life fun.

Dear Puzzles, Although it makes me sound like I’m about seventy years old to admit it, you’re my favorite entertainment on a holiday. Sitting around a 2,000 piece puzzle after Thanksgiving dinner is an excellent way to have good conversations. The only problem is that my dad is so good at puzzle solving that I can hardly keep up.

Dear Late Afternoon, You are the best time of day. When the sun isn’t quite setting yet, but it’s near the horizon and fills the world with golden light, you know evening is coming, and another day of work is successfully ending. I love how the sun shines through people’s eyes when it’s low, and lights them up so much they almost look clear. It’s beautiful.

Dear Christmas Music, There’s nothing that quite gives me the holiday glow like listening to some of your classics. I am totally one of those people who listens to you in June when I need a little holiday cheer. I’m pretty glad that after today, I can listen to you all I want and nobody is allowed to judge me for it anymore. Not that I let that stop me the rest of the year either. 🙂

Dear God, One thing I’m really grateful for currently is the freedom you’ve given us to choose. You don’t set us down and give us our life itineraries down to the minutest detail, but you give us wisdom and let us make our own choices. And if we mess our decisions up, you take what we’ve made and still make it good. I think that’s pretty cool. It really takes away the anxiety of the unknown future.

Dear Readers, Thank you for coming week after week to this spot to read the prattle I type out. Sometimes I think that I’m just one more voice in a crowd of way too many bloggers, but yet you come, and read, and comment, and I think that’s pretty nice of you.

6 thoughts on “Little Letters

  1. Dear Rachel,
    Thanks for writing and making my day when I see an update pop up on my feed! I’ve been enjoying reading your blog and seeing what you and your family are doing.

  2. I love it and you 😉 Remembering with fondness holidays spent with you all. So thankful for your foot prints on my life’s pathways!

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