Crafted: The Art of Taco

Crafted: The Art of Taco

I like my comfortable routine as well as the next person. Going to the same place you always go, and ordering the same thing you’ve eaten ten times previously is nice, because you know it will be good.

But this post is not about that. It’s about what happens when you venture to new places and try new things. One night this summer I was roaming about Winston Salem with a hungry group of people, and we happened to walk past this a lovely restaurant called “Crafted: The Art of Taco”. On a whim we walked inside, because a place dedicated solely to tacos couldn’t be terrible, right?

Right. I almost hesitate to review this place, because I’m afraid I’ll gush about it, like a lovestruck teenager. I’m also slightly afraid to share it with you all, because I want it all to myself, but I simply must let you experience these tacos too.



I know this place is all about tacos, but let’s start with a look at their nachos. Sweet potato chips that melt in your mouth, loaded with shredded pork, melted cheese of course, and a sprinkling of green onion tops. Saucy and crunchy. The chips are a revelation. And the nachos are the best I’ve ever had.


Next, let us examine their pimento mac n cheese. While I like mac n cheese as well as the next person, it isn’t something I find myself craving very often. But Crafted has crafted the perfect recipe. You unsuspectingly take a bite, expecting it to be as bland and comfortable as the whiteness would suggest, and the flavors simply explode in your mouth. More cream cheese than should be legal, and a variety of spices I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to figure out. Guess I’ll just have to keep going back and eating it until I do. Sigh. What a trial.


“This is all well and good, but I came here to read about tacos!” you say. Ok, let’s take a look at their tacos. Crafted is careful to point out that they are not a Mexican joint; they simply do tacos, and do them well. And since they aren’t Mexican, their taco flavors range from Southern to Korean to American. They also have ones with more traditional Mexican flavors, if you’re craving that, which are every bit as amazing as the rest. Take a look at their menu here, and see if you don’t salivate a little.



The interior is done in industrial glam style, with exposed brick and beams, and crystal chandeliers. It has a great bar at the window to sit at and look out on the street if you want to people watch, a spot by the open kitchen if you like watching the chef, and a patio with string lights if you prefer fresh air. The staff has always been very friendly, and our last waiter was exceptionally good- even smelling great, which I admit instantly makes me like someone better. 😀 The service makes eating there a pleasure, as if the food isn’t enough.

Give Crafted a shot next time you’re in Winston Salem or Greensboro, and let me know what you think.

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