5 Reasons I Love Apartment Life

5 Reasons I Love Apartment Life

I know probably most of you live in the country, and would never have it any other way. But in the last year I’ve discovered that I positively love life in an apartment in the middle of town, and I’d like to tell you why.

One. I don’t have to mow a yard, because I don’t have one. Instead, I can walk a few blocks to the town park, which is much bigger than any yard I’d want to maintain, free to use, and perfectly lovely. It comes with picnic tables for cookouts, fields for sports, and trails for romantic friendly walks.  And I don’t have to do anything to keep it up. (Except pay my taxes of course, since I like to believe that all my tax dollars go towards keeping up our parks.)

Two. The Factory Coffeehouse is right around the corner from me, since I live in the middle of downtown. I can pop down on Saturday mornings, or week nights when friends are there. It’s basically my living room, and if I want to go introvert, I can excuse myself politely and go home, which I couldn’t do if my friends were actually in my house. Win win.

Three. Walks are the best in town. I enjoy country walks too, don’t get me wrong. But I am hooked on having a sidewalk to saunter along instead of having to plow through the ditch whenever traffic drives by. Besides, there’s so much to see! Lyn and I like to make up stories about the houses as we pass them, and what kind of people we imagine live there. “But noise!” you cry, “And exhaust-filled air!” Well, remember that park I mentioned with its trails? Long, lovely, quiet tunnels of green.

Four. Whenever I go grocery shopping, I get a free workout, to counteract all the calories I just bought. I wrangle the groceries out of my car, through two stubborn locks, and up a steep and narrow set of stairs. And then I can sit down and eat ice cream guilt-free.

Five. I enjoy the sense of community I get by seeing the same neighbors every day, and being around for the town events. I nod at the music store owner as I go past her shop. The ice cream shop proprietor knows me embarrassingly well. The neighbor down the hall always has a cheery greeting when we run into each other. I’m right on location for classic car nights and the annual bike races and bed races (which you totally should come see) and family festivals.  I’m part of this town, and I love it.

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Love Apartment Life

  1. And if your lightbulb ten feet above your head blows then you call the maintenance guy and he pops over minutes later to change it.

    That whole grocery carting thing (I have much further than you do!) cuts down on the grocery bill, too. Because if it’s too heavy to carry, I just don’t buy it, and we eat rice and beans instead.

  2. My hubby and I lived in an apartment in the middle of our town the first several years of married life. We both absolutely loved it (for many of the same reasons) and still miss it sometimes. Now that we have kiddos it’s nice to have a yard and not worry about running feet disturbing people below, but we still talk about one day living in an apartment in a city again.

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